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Living Roma is a company that was created by two young entrepenuers, Kaja Osinski (Austrian born but Roman by adoption) and Filippo Ribacchi, a Roman devoted to the tourism sector.

The word condominio in Italian refers to joint ownership, a grouping of people with varying lifestyles and habits who choose to share certain spaces with each other. The condominio becomes a place of exchange, a place where different lives and points of view come together, and even clash at times.

This is what inspired the concept of our CONDOMINIO MONTI, an apartment building of the early 1900s, transformed into a brand-new boutique hotel in the heart of the Monti neighbourhood.

A gateway to the city

Condominio Monti; the structure of the building may be from the last century but it has been brought into the present day thanks to a total makeover of modern and contemporary design.

- Paola A.

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