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Condominio Monti; the structure of the building may be from the last century but it has been brought into the present day thanks to a total makeover of modern and contemporary design.


– Paola A.


Dear Guests and Friends,

Hotel Condominio Monti is open!


We are following the strict hygiene standards

issued by the Health Department againist Covid-19.

Common areas are being cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day

whereas our rooms are cleaned and sanitizied at check-out time.


We are working hard to ensure a safe and smooth stay.
We do hope to host you soon!


Please get in contact with us for any further information.

Send us an email to or call us at +39 320 4944124


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Cari Ospiti e Amici,

l'Hotel Condominio Monti è aperto!


Stiamo seguendo le indicazioni stabilite dal Ministro della Salute per la lotta al Covid-19.

Gli ambienti comuni della nostra struttura sono sanificati più volte al giorno

e le camere ad ogni check-out.



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